T.C. football needs support, not negativity


To the editor:
I found your publishing of Mr. Paspatis letter to the editor (Wishful but realistic when it comes to T.C. football, November 18, 2010) extremely unnecessary. Not only does it serve to show a negative opinion towards a wholly positive aspect of our citys only public school, but what is the need to publish this mans response to a poll question?I am a member of the TC Williams football team. Personally, I do not really care about what Mr. Paspatis has to say, but I would rather him keep his opinions to himself. He does not have to come to the games. The Sportmans Club, of which he is a board member, does not need to recognize any T.C. athletes. But we do need community support, not community condescension.
A little research reveals that Mr. Paspatis has gone on a crusade to tarnish the name of Coach Herman Boone, the head coach of the 1971 state championship team immortalized in Remember the Titans. From what I understand, Mr. Paspatis was a member of Coach Boones 1977 team and it has been reported he is not fond of Boone.
I have only had the pleasure of hearing Coach Boone speak once. But he strikes me as the type of coach who, if you have the heart, can lead you to great places. If you dont, you wont get anywhere.
But the more important part of Mr. Paspastis argument is the football portion. He argues that our wins this season came against dismal opponents. He should know that last years regional championship game was played between two Patriot District teams, both of which sport quarterbacks who are either committed to play Division 1 football or already there. The year before that, the highest ranked Northern Region team in the Washington Post was West Springfield, quarterbacked by Bryn Renner. Next year, Renner will be the starting quarterback for the University of North Carolina Tarheels.
But the real question is, what qualifies Mr. Paspatis to prognosticate about the next season while the current season is not even finished? Does he know we will return over 12 players who saw significant playing time this year, including a first team all- Patriot District running back? Does he know that many of the teams on our schedule are losing their top players? Or does that not matter to him, because, as he says, T.C.s days as a super school program are ancient history? 
Honestly, the worst part of his opinion was saying that what we did on the field was a hollow achievement. Those types of things just do not come from a good place in someones heart. He is trying to take away  what we .ended up achieving this year, considering we did not make the playoffs. To me, this all seems like sour grapes.  The two positive things that have happened to the program in the past ten years, Mr. Paspatis had to either discredit or disvalue.
For Mr. Paspatis and everyone who shares his opinion of T.C. football, please do not show up on Saturdays. For people who want to support 60 young men from all different backgrounds who come together in pursuit of a common goal, see what you can do to help our program. You would be surprised at how the little things make a big difference. And when next year we make the playoffs for the first time in almost 20 years, you can take pride in our accomplishment, while people like Mr. Paspatis can snipe all they want. 
When it comes down to it, community support is what makes every high school football team. As Sean Payton said in the ESPN documentary Boys of Fall, everyone in those stands tonight is living vicariously through you.  
And we while may not be there yet, if you help us, we will take our team and our community to the next level.