Visions of Alexandria 2010: a photo retrospective

Visions of Alexandria 2010: a photo retrospective

Our New Years Resolution

Some decades are better defined than others. The 1960s had the Vietnam War and a massive counterculture movement that defined a generation. The 1990s? Grunge music and that thing we call the Internet. 

This time last year, everyone wondered what to call the millenniums first decade. Was it the Zeros? The Ohs? The Nills? As we complete the first year of the 21st centurys second decade, it turns out those questions mattered little if at all. 

It is the events and experiences that shape a decade, a year, a day not an arbitrary label. 2010 has been no different. Were certainly not in the Teens, though we have entered double-digits. Are we in the Tweens? Doesnt matter. It was the heroics, tragedies, politics and cultural trends that shaped 2010, not nicknames.


As the most comprehensive news source focusing solely on Alexandria, we at the Alexandria Times brought you the events the human experiences of you, your neighbors and your city in 2010. Aside from a news resource for the community, the Times continued to provide a valuable advertising vessel for businesses and readers alike. We hope and trust we have done it all well, with provocative and balanced stories, attractive photos and original insights.

We also trust that improvement in any medium is perpetually possible even vital and we will strive to make good on that theory in 2011 and beyond. This new year will be the year the Times focuses diligently on its web presence without abandoning the romantic yet necessary medium of print journalism. Your publication, the Times, will delve further into the city over the next year, become more diverse in its coverage and our presentation, and continue to improve as an advertising vehicle for local, regional and national businesses. 

Whatever you call the next year of the 21st century, were here to bring you the current events and human experiences that actually shape it. In the meantime, take a look through this issue, our last of the year, and relive Alexandrias 2010. 

To all our readers, advertisers and general supporters in the community: The the Alexandria Times wishes you all a happy and healthy new year.