Coverage of officers arrest ignores accomplishments


To the editor:

I just finished reading the article in the Alexandria Times January 13 edition regarding the DUI arrest of an Alexandria police detective (Detective arrested for drunk driving).  

A quote from Mayor Bill Euille calls the incident a blemish on the police force. This statement is a reflection on the loyalty to those who serve and protect us. The police department not only reported the aspects of Det. Eric Ratliffs alleged DUI violation but also reported that he served for 31 years with the department. 

I do agree infractions of the law should not be ignored if the suspected violator is a police officer. But if you are going to mention one misdemeanor mistake then please mention all the accomplishments the detective has made when protecting the citizens and visitors of this city for more than three decades. He put his life on the line and equal effort should have been made to his service. Why not list his outstanding arrest, risks, and cases?  

Once again, Im not downplaying the danger of drunk driving, but we all make mistakes and I can only guess that doing police work through the 1980s until now should warrant more respect. To cut and run on this career police officer who has served and protected you is just disloyal. Yes, support the arresting officers, but also support Det. Ratliff. You can do both really, you can. It is called loyalty.

Thank you, Detective Ratliff, for serving.

– John Tuttle