Donleys ideas are taxing


To the editor:

Transportation and mobility are challenges in Northern Virginia.  

Vice Mayor Kerry Donley recently made a public exhortation asking Alexandrians to pony up to follow the example of Arlington and Fairfax and spend money to build public transportation.  

His lack of justification for such expenditure is troubling. Nowhere does he explain why the investment in public transportation would be an improvement except to say that it would be because Arlington and Fairfax are doing it. His attitude toward the taxpayer seems to be pay up or lose out. He doesnt even present a figure for the cost of such expenditures. (Does he assume that if he asks, he will receive?)  

Since transportation is so important to the region, we need reassurance that our money would be better spent in public and not private transportation. Why does Donley assume public vehicles are the solution? Any facts or figures?

Speaking of desired growth, is this Mr. Publics desired growth or Mr. Donleys desire for growth. A trolley to Del Ray who would ride it? Weekend tourists? Should Alexandrians pay for visitors to ride a trolley to Del Ray? Why should increased taxes be our burden?  

Alexandria is at a crossroads. We must ask our council members to be accountable for their and our expenditures.   

– Linda Greenberg