Our View: A new year for Alexandria


2011. A new year, a new beginning, as fresh with possibility as a new birth (congratulations to the parents of Sharini Mudhagoui-Lopez, Alexandrias first New Years baby.) In January, even the Nationals have the potential to be contenders.
Most of us have a resolution or two for the New Year, or maybe a list of things we wish to do or places wed like to go in 2011. As we think about Alexandria and the many issues facing the city, the Times has developed a list of wishes for 2011:
We hope a consensus can be reached on a waterfront plan. Further, we hope that plan respects private property (Old Dominion Boat Club) and balances the need for tax base enhancement (development) with the needs of Old Town residents and city environmentalists.
We wish that 2011 would bring fewer plans and more action regarding reduction of traffic from the BRAC project, and that the Department of Defense would foot the bill.
We wish that the much-heralded T.C. Williams transformation might yield positive results in the coming year and that Alexandria City Public Schools continue to close the achievement gap between white students and minorities. Further, we hope local students will score higher on future SOL tests and that the school board is able to find a fiscally sound solution to their impending enrollment crunch and need for newer schools.
We hope the New Year is a strong one for Alexandrias small businesses, and that they not only survive but thrive. We also hope that 2011 is the year we finally stop using the words economic downturn and recession.
We hope 2011 brings a lower unemployment rate both in Alexandria and nationwide.
We wish for many entertaining, challenging and rewarding arts presentations, from plays at the Little Theatre of Alexandria, Signature Theatre and MetroStage to Alexandrias art galleries to the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra to performances at the Birchmere and other music venues.
We hope Alexandrias many high school sports programs have a successful year, especially the T.C. Williams basketball team. We hope that team is able to restore some of the respect lost with last years ineligibility scandal, and that they continue their winning ways and bring another championship back to the city. We also wish the Alexandria Aces, the citys summer league baseball team, success and prosperity in its upcoming season.
We hope Alexandrians continue to volunteer in large numbers, through Spring for Alexandria, through the Alexandria Volunteer Bureau, through the Alexandria Community Trust and the many organizations it supports and with individual non-profits.  We also hope that more shop owners get involved with Alexandria in Bloom lets make our city even more aesthetically pleasing this year.
We wish for complete recoveries for a pair of Alexandria icons, State Senator Patsy Ticer and Mayor Bill Euille.
Finally, we wish for each of you a healthy, happy and prosperous year. May 2011 be a year when our better selves shine through, as individuals and a community. Happy New Year Alexandria!