Rosemont hit by rash of break-ins


Rosemont residents have reported a string of vehicle break-ins across the neighborhood and are asking police to step up their presence in the area. 
Cristy Rugo and Beth Tuttle were among those who have awoken to find their cars rummaged through overnight. Its the fourth time Tuttles car has been broken into in recent years, though nothing of value was taken. 
Rugos car was targeted January 11 and the thieves made off with some loose change and a CD cartridge. She wants local police to amp up their patrols in the neighborhood. 
If all of these things are happening, why should we be the ones to pursue further action? Isnt that what the police is for? she asked. I would definitely feel better if I felt the police presence more.
Car doors were unlocked in at least one of the cases.