Your View: In response to parking complaints


In the letter to the editor, Finding ways to take your money, (January 6, 2011), Jason Dubois questions the fairness of the citys $200 fine for illegally parking in an HOV lane. The fine, rather than being an attack on city residents hard-earned dollars, is reflective of the impact of this parking violation on the community. 
Illegal parking within an HOV lane is considered one of the worst kinds of parking infractions because it affects a great number of motorists and causes complications for enforcement during rush hour. The purpose of an HOV lane is to provide through capacity on an arterial road. Vehicles parked in these lanes not only reduce the ability of motorists to move through the lanes, but also can cause safety problems, as other motorists must abruptly reduce their speed and swerve around them. The only time this type of citation can be waived is in the case of a medical emergency.
Individuals who feel they received a parking citation in error may appeal the ticket by contacting the Parking Adjudication Office at 703-746-3360 or by filing the online parking citation adjudication form, which can be found at under Parking Tickets. (Click Contest a Ticket.)
While I agree that parking in Alexandria can be challenging, I believe prevention is the best cure: that residents and the public be mindful of where (and when) they park in order to avoid incurring fines in the first place.  For general information on city parking, please visit or call 703-746-4000.