Your View: protect Old Town’s history


During the past year my son and his family moved to Alexandria and from time to time they send me copies of the Alexandria Times. I have been reading with great distress the articles concerning the waterfront plan and the revamping of Jones Point.

I was born and raised in Alexandria. For three generations my family operated a business in Old Town. Although I do not now reside in Alexandria I continue to own townhouse properties in Old Town and cannot understand the justification of the city councils plan for the waterfront. This area is such an integral part of Old Town history. 

The Old Town area of Alexandria has been so beautifully restored and preserved. This has been accomplished with the existing codes, ordinances and regulations that govern all property owners. I hope the Board of Architectural Review, the concerned taxpaying citizens and especially the property owners in Old Town are keeping a close check on the city councils plans. We need to aim at preserving and not destroying what has been accomplished in Old Town.