Board wants to extend school day for teachers


A proposal to extend the school day by 30 minutes is no more, but Superintendent Morton Sherman remains supportive of lengthening the year and keeping teachers working later. 

Under Shermans proposal, teachers would expect to spend an additional half hour working on professional development, sit in on classes and analyze student achievement data, among other duties.

While the superintendent has drawn flack for the concept notably from the EAA he argues many teachers already spend extra time after school helping students and finishing up work. 

What Im suggesting is that our teachers have their days extended formally to do what many of them already do, Sherman told the board.

Sherman also wants to add two days to the school year and start classes before Labor Day, which requires a state waiver. The addition would lengthen the year from 183 to 185 days. 

Teachers will receive compensation for the extra time in the classroom, though it wont be on a prorated or per diem basis, he said.