Who is Alexandria’s chicken wing king?


As everyone anoints the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rogers the next great quarterback of the century, the Times thought it should do some anointing of its own. 

In this day of overblown Super Bowl celebrations, $3 million ads and a Puppy Bowl, there is one important item lacking coverage: the chicken wing.

Its a golden brown staple of every big game, so we polled some local restaurants known to fly high when it comes to wings: Joe Theismanns,  Murphys, Ramparts, Bugsys and Wing Zone. 

We asked them how much business they did during the Packers rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers, down to the single wing. Wing Zone had an advantage the art of the wing is their flagship product but all performed admirably.

Mitko Kostadinov owns the Arlandria franchise of the national chain. Missing the game was worth the extra business, he said.

People just love their wings on Super Bowl Sunday, said Kostadinov. I couldnt watch [the game] because we have to take care of the customers, but its better for business that way.