Your View: Donley does it again


To the editor:

When Vice Mayor Kerry Donley isnt lobbying to raise your taxes, he is wasting your money and the city councils valuable time to address nonexistent issues so he can engage in political pandering.  
Yes, dear readers, Donley has taken the first courageous steps to legalize public breastfeeding! So heres a simple question before more time and money is wasted on this issue: How many women have been arrested in the City of Alexandria over the past year for this crime? How many over the past five years?  
According to one media report, neither city police nor the commonwealths attorney in Alexandria could recall a single case in which a woman was cited for breast-feeding in public. Mr. Vice Mayor, have you considered using your elected position to address real the issues of our failing school system, high taxes or real crimes?
I urge Alexandrians to keep this idiotic and wasteful effort by the vice mayor in mind the next time he tells you about the urgent need for him to raise your taxes.