Your View: Moran’s latest divisive comments


To the editor:
Last Tuesday after the State of the Union address, Congressman Jim Moran (D-8) told an international audience on the Arab television network Alhurra that the results of last Novembers election were based on Americans racists who dont want to be governed by an African-American. . . 
This latest outburst, coming as we know all too well on a long history of Moran outbursts, is not only wildly inaccurate, it is un-American.  
I do not support many of President Obamas policies because I do not think they are good for our country. To wit:
I do not support Obamacare which, despite what was promised, does not cover everyone, will force many people to have to change coverage, piles on billions of dollars of additional debt and countless layers of bureaucracy and robs one half trillion dollars from Medicare. 
I do not agree with President Obamas energy policies that keep us reliant on foreign oil by denying American companies the ability to produce energy (and thus creating jobs) here at home. 
I do not support President Obamas $850 billion stimulus package, pitched as the way to create jobs and keep unemployment under 8 percent. The only thing it seems to have stimulated was the unemployment rate. 
I disagree with President Obamas decision to cut Army and Marine Corps troop levels by almost 10 percent while we are fighting our nations wars abroad. 
The vast majority of Americans who voted for change in November 2010 did so because of these and other fact-based and policy-related reasons. But political views aside, as an American I am very proud that in 2008 we elected an African-American to be our President; in my view it reinforces our creed that all of us, regardless of race, gender or orientation are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe it is also a tangible reminder of how far we have progressed as a nation where slavery was once an institution. We arent perfect, but we have come a long way. Morans rant, particularly given as it was to an international audience, dismisses this progress and casts us all back to our regrettable pre-14th Amendment past.
Over the years Northern Virginia and indeed most of America has become accustomed to Mr. Morans mean-spirited verbiage and his aggressive behavior, including a pattern of making arguably anti-Semitic comments.
However, with this latest statement Moran outdoes himself, going beyond insulting just one ethnic group or political party. His offensive comments as a sitting United States congressman made to an international audience demean all Americans regardless of religion, political affiliation or ethnicity. It was a staggering lapse of judgment, divisive and un-American. Jim Moran should correct the record with Alhurra, and he owes an apology to his fellow countrymen and to this nation.