Your View: Reform – don’t repeal – the health care act


To the editor:
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is already improving the lives of millions of Americans. Those of us on the side of affordable, accessible health care for the majority of our families, friends, neighbors and colleagues are proud of the accomplishments of this legislation, which:
    prohibits denial of coverage to children with preexisting conditions. We look forward to 2014 when no American can be denied coverage due to such conditions.
    creates a new, regulated marketplace where consumers can purchase affordable healthcare. 
Yes, you may keep your existing coverage if you’re happy with it!
    clamps down on insurance company abuses, such as terminating coverage if you become ill.
    holds insurance companies responsible for how our health care premium dollars are spent.
    allows young adults coverage on their parents plan until age 26.
    limits out of pocket costs for security and peace of mind.
    extends much-needed relief to small businesses.
    will decrease the national deficit by $143 billion in the first ten years of operation, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
These are just a few of the reasons why we cannot go back on the health care legislation, which Republicans are trying repeal. Lets work together to improve this important work, not tear it down. Let’s not expose millions of Americans to the whims of the insurance industry and spend millions of taxpayers hard earned money regressing to what amounts to an untenable (not to mention unaffordable) health care plan for most Americans. 
For us, it’s not about a political scoreboard. It’s about doing the right thing for millions of  Americans who need access to quality, affordable health care. For us, people come first!

Reform is the right thing. A repeal is not.