Your View: Preservationists do all the work and get none of the credit


To the editor:

I was surprised to read about the National Trust for Historic Preservation announcement that Alexandria is now one of 12 distinctive destinations. (Preservationists name city distinctive destination,” February 17, 2011).  
The article quoted Mayor Bill Euille saying, Preservation is pivotal to Alexandrias identity.” Accepting the award were the mayor, Robert Niewege of the National Trust and Stephanie Brown, representing the Convention and Visitors Association.
Nowhere to be seen were representatives of numerous organizations who volunteer countless hours to aid in preserving the historic nature of the city. As far as I can tell, none of the important organizations such as the Historic Alexandria Foundation, Old Town Civic Association, The Board of Architectural Review of the Old and Historic District, the Parker Gray Board or the Historic Alexandria Resources Commission were even notified of this award. 
At the last meeting of the BAR, of which I am a member, we were surprised to learn of this distinction after the fact. One of our members, Peter Smeallie, was the only one who was present and that was sort of by accident. 
A lot of men and women toil many hours and attend many meetings on behalf of the city. The mayor could have taken this opportunity to recognize their effort and thank them for their interest and devotion. These men and women should not be taken for granted.