Your View:May the lights go dim if they must


To the editor:


With a fantastic spring approaching and hard work on the budget falling into place, I want to extend my gratitude to Mayor Bill Euille, the Alexandria City Council and City Manager for doing a magnificent job. 


Difficult choices had to be made, and I reluctantly agree that if we must let Christmas tree lights go dim for a few months to preserve funds to keep police and teachers fairly paid, then that’s just common sense. I know the lights could be turned off at the end of March; it seems appropriate to keep them on until then.


In return, I suggest that we business owners go all out to light our store fronts and make up for the loss of holiday tree lighting. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to light the sidewalks from within? 


There is really no way to beat the effects of tree lighting, but if businesses compensate, perhaps no one will notice. By holding back the darkness, we can continue to invite in customers, keep the taxable income coming in, and help pay for city services (as well as minimizing the need for add-on taxes) for a better-lit Alexandria and a stronger economy in 2011.