Cabbie flees passenger


A cab driver was assaulted by one of his passengers after dropping off the pair of men on the 3000 block of Park Center Drive during the evening hours of March 30. 

Police say the driver fled after one of the men grabbed him from outside of the cab about 7:46 p.m. He had just taken them on a round trip. 

The driver was uninjured. Police describe the suspect as wearing a beige jacket at the time of the assault. 
Cigarette assault

A clerk was beaten and chased from a 7-11 convenience store over several cigarette packs late last month, authorities said.

After walking into the 4600 block Kenmore Ave. store about 1:13 a.m., the suspect punched the clerk and drove him out of the building, police said. Described as a black man wearing a black hooded jacket at the time, the suspect then returned to steal the cigarettes.

There were no other witnesses or surveillance tape footage, police said.