Republican budget plan is rife with selfishness, void of compassion


I am appalled by the indications that some Republicans in this country have adopted a let the devil take the hindmost approach to dealing with issues. From their enchantment with Ayn Rands Objectivism philosophy to their denial of the implications of Rep. Paul Ryans (R-Wis.) proposed budget, some Republicans are sending a message that more fortunate Americans should look out for their own well being and leave their neighbors to fend for themselves.

And I am flabbergasted that they can propose to slash Medicare and Medicaid while refusing to rescind the Bush tax cuts and close tax loopholes on corporations and the wealthiest individuals in this country.

The Bush tax cuts were sold to the American people as a temporary measure in a time of prosperity and budget surpluses. They were intentionally given an expiration date so they could be evaluated in 10 years time. When the time for evaluation came, we were just beginning to emerge from a devastating recession, yet the Republicans failed to budge. They cling to a belief in trickle down economics a tenet proven to be false time after time.

If tax cuts for the wealthiest were indeed the solution to our economic woes, they would have proven themselves during the last decade.

Mr. Ryans cynical budget proposal would increase the national debt by $6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years and he wants to make up the difference by throwing Americans who have paid into the Medicare system for as many as 37 years on the mercy of private insurance companies.

It is time to stand up for our neighbors and ourselves and pledge to do unto our neighbors as we would have them do unto us.

The writer is a member of the Alexandria Democratic Committee.