Your View: In support of regulating abortion facilities


To the editor:
Your two most recent issues include letters criticizing the passage of Senate Bill 924, which includes an amendment directing the Virginia Board of Health to write regulations for facilities performing five or more first-trimester abortions. Both were written by women.    
There is much to refute in them. Hyperbole can rabble rouse, but refutation takes time. 
At present, such facilities are considered physicians offices. As such, they are unregulated, despite the fact that first-trimester abortion is an invasive procedure. One author miswrites when stating the measure will increase regulations. There are currently none. She warns that several of the clinics could close due to mandatory cosmetic alteration. Currently, there are no mandatory inspections of these facilities, no reporting requirements, no requirements to have available life-saving equipment in emergencies; not even a requirement to use sterile equipment. Only in a flippant world could such regulations be considered cosmetic. 
The most incendiary claim, as mentioned in one letter, is that this measure will most likely force the closure of most of the 21 clinics in the state, as conforming to new hospital standards would be too costly. The new law reclassifies such facilities from unregulated physicians offices, to the category of  hospital.  According to the Virginia Administrative Code, there are various classifications of hospital, one such being outpatient surgical.  Previously, the Board of Health specifically referenced this law when it defined abortion clinics as outpatient hospitals.  Virginia outpatient surgical centers are rarely required to meet anything close to the myriad standards of a general hospital.  It makes no sense, then, that facilities performing first-trimester abortions would be required to do so. 
What neither woman reveals is that most members of the Board of Health, by far, were appointed by pro-abortion Democratic Governor Tim Kaine. Regarding the Boards task, one member, a Kaine appointee, has stated: Overreaching regulations may not be appropriate.  It is unlikely that a board with a majority of Kaine appointees would promulgate regulations designed to force the closure of almost all abortion clinics in Virginia. Yet the claim makes for a good rallying cry. 
Isnt the mantra of Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party regarding abortion safe, legal, and rare? Rare?  There is no profit in making abortion rare.  Abortion is a billion-dollars-a-year industry.  Oil executives, Wall  Street executives?  Now theres a greedy bunch. But do not turn a suspicious eye toward abortionists, who after all make their money from the act of literally sucking a beating heart out of a womans body (in the first trimester) or, in later months, smashing the skull and breaking the limbs of a human being who would otherwise have survived.  Sorry, that is what they do.  How dare we question their motives? 
Nature is amazing. Whether you consider it Gods plan or part of natures intricate design, a womans womb is the only place that can sustain, nourish, protect and bring forth life. Nowhere in these letters is even a small acknowledgement of these discarded lives. In this world, had Helen Keller been diagnosed in the womb as deaf, mute and blind, something tells me, she wouldnt have stood a chance.