Your View: Krupicka can balance campaigning and council duties


To the editor:
In your April 7 edition, Bud Miller called for City Councilman Rob Kupricka to resign (Krupicka should resign from council), arguing that he cant fulfill his Council responsibilities while also running for the state Senate.    
Miller undoubtedly isnt aware that Krupicka has taken a leave from his full-time job in education policy so that he will have the time to campaign while maintaining his council duties as well as his responsibilities as the father of two young girls who attend the Alexandria City Public Schools.
Anyone who has watched Krupicka closely during his council terms can attest to his hard work, long hours and dedication.
Also, contrary to Millers assertion, Krupicka has worked very hard to create a more supportive business environment in the city, especially for small business, as many Alexandria Chamber of Commerce members will attest.