Your View: Krupicka should resign


To the editor:
Now that he has officially launched his campaign for the Virginia Senate, Councilman Rob Krupicka should do the right thing and immediately step down from the Alexandria City Council. This will allow Krupicka to concentrate his efforts on his new political endeavor, while allowing his replacement to focus on representing the people of Alexandria.
One may reasonably ask if Krupicka is currently representing Alexandrias best interests or attempting to curry favor with non-Alexandria population centers, as well as the professional lobbyists and rich donors whose support he will need to fulfill his ambitions for higher office. Regardless of the answer, it is clear that Krupicka is no longer interested, if he ever was, in supporting Alexandria businesses and citizens.
Indeed, Krupickas decision to support the wildly unpopular piggyback tax suggests that he has placed his desire for state office above the interests of his constituents. This draconian tax has been strongly opposed by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce (hardly a radical origination) and more than 440 of our citizens who have signed a petition at  

Clearly, no one wishing to be re-elected to the Alexandria City Council would willingly take this political suicide pill.