Your View: Creating a safe haven for businesses


To the editor:
On behalf of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, our nearly 900 members and the Alexandria business community, we sincerely thank the mayor, city council members and city staff for their excellent work on the fiscal year 2012 budget.
We appreciate how difficult the city councils decisions were during the budget process and commend them for the very hard work they have done. Choosing not to implement the commercial add-on tax sends a clear message to our region that Alexandria wants to attract and retain business. Our council chose to do the right thing for Alexandria and did not simply follow the lead of our neighbors. Indeed, we can now be known as a safe haven for businesses in Northern Virginia.
We still have work to do to ensure that we select, implement and continue to fund the most impactful transportation projects in Alexandria. We take that responsibility seriously and look forward to working with the city government in this regard. 
We ask all business owners to please thank elected officials for their cooperative approach and collective bravery in creating this budget. We are proud of what they have done for the benefit of all Alexandrians.