Your View: Earth Day is a waste without real action


To the editor:

Id like to express my gratitude for Earth Day in Alexandria and the numerous enthusiastic students who creatively showed how to recycle and reuse everyday items for wearable fashion.
Boo to Alexandrias mayor and city council who insist that no old furniture be moved into the new $90 million Alexandria Police Department building. Earlier this year, Mayor Bill Euille personally took credit for making sure old furniture wasnt moved into the new $100 million T.C. Williams High School.
Alexandrias Earth Day proclamations and Eco-City programs are mere compost when compared to the real actions of our elected city officials.
When Alexandria families consider purchasing a home, they evaluate properties partly based on how their furniture will fit. And when retirees move to Goodwin House, rarely do they rush out to buy all new furniture. We citizens of Alexandria recycle and reuse, often proudly passing furniture from one generation to another.
The mayor and city council would do well to set a good recycle / reuse example, and trim some dollars off of our citys capital improvement debt.