Your View: Too much fury and not enough facts from the Alexandria Democratic Committee


To the editor:
I cannot let the April 28 letter from Susan B. Kellom of the Alexandria Democratic Committee pass without comment (Republican budget plan is rife with selfishness, void of compassion).  
This is the typical emotion-filled, fact-challenged demagoguery that I have come to expect from her party in other words, more blah, blah, blah. While no one expects universal agreement on Paul Ryans Path to Prosperity budget proposal, at least he has put out a plan. Such assertions are rendered all the more odious given her partys total abdication of its budgetary responsibility while holding the White House and clear majorities in both houses of Congress. Now Democrats maintain their one-trick-pony act of raising taxes on the so-called rich, a measure which will not, in and of itself, make a dent in our countrys massive budget shortfalls.
I wonder if the writer has ever read the material she cites and disparages, such as Ayn Rands books or Ryans Path to Prosperity document. Ms. Kellom asserts that the Ryan document refuses to close tax loopholes for corporations. Had she bothered to take a peek, she would have encountered a passage: Remove distortions from the code by eliminating or modifying deductions, credits and special carve-outs that leave many companies paying no tax at all.
How inconvenient it is when facts and data get in the way of emotionally driven tirades pretending to some sort of moral superiority. Democrats would be well advised to replace their customary self-serving blather with prescriptions that move beyond the simplistic and ineffective tax the rich mantra. A few real facts might help too.