BRAC update misses the Mark


The monthly update of the BRAC buildings rising to completion at Mark Center was sparse.
There has not been a lot of activity, said BRAC coordinator David Grover in his opening statement. 
Progress includes a new swoosh pattern on DASH busses being rehabbed as shuttles for the influx of Washington Headquarters Services employees. 
Councilman Paul Smedberg took issue with the signage for the express busses, claiming they did not brand the project as a unique initiative.
Some of those signs are hard to read, he said. Why didnt they choose to use a decal?
The electronic display boards are customizable, unlike a decal on the side of the bus, allowing flexibility for DASH, according to city staff.
The shuttle busses are just a small transit solution to the congestion expected from 6,400 government workers transferring to the West End with no Metro station in sight.
I want to say the train is moving down the tracks, but its not really a train, Mayor Bill Euille said. It would be nice if it were a train.