Business challenge benefits local nonprofit


Atilla Kocsis team emerged victorious from the Business Forum of Fairfaxs network connections challenge, but Rebuilding Together Alexandria was the real winner of Fridays competition.

Teams from the forum were challenged to forge as many network connections as they could within six weeks. The winners were to donate money raised from the groups membership dues to their charity of choice.

Which was why Kocsis handed a $1,000 check to Rebuilding Together Alexandrias director, Katherine Medina, last week. Kocsis, a past board member, has a 15-year connection to the Alexandria organization.

 Everyone had a great time and got a double benefit we were able to challenge ourselves as well as give to a very deserving organization, Kocsis said. 

With over 200 affiliates nationwide, Rebuilding Together has served the elderly, veterans, disaster victims and families for more than 24 years.