Officials seek delay in WHS buildings


Virginia senator Mark Werner (D) and Jim Webb (D) have heard loud and clear from local officials about the Washington Headquarters Services buildings rising on the West End.

The Alexandria City Council approved a resolution calling on the duo to support legislation moving through the U.S. Senate potentially delaying the opening of the Mark Center complex for at least a year and cap the buildings parking spaces at 1,000 during its Tuesday night meeting. U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) is behind the legislation, which passed through the House earlier this year. 

The legislation, if approved, would give the city a a fighting chance of letting our infrastructure catch up with BRAC, said Vice Mayor Kerry Donley, speaking to the traffic crunch expected when the U.S. Army complex opens in September.

City council approved the resolution in a unanimous 6-0 decision. Councilwoman Alicia Hughes was not present for the vote.