Parking cap passes House, could delay DoD move-in


A short-term fix for looming traffic concerns has passed the House in the form of Rep. Jim Morans (D-8) amendment to cap parking spaces at 1,000 at the Pentagon annex on Alexandrias West End.

If passed by the Senate, the limit will apply until the city can support the 6,400 workers moving to the Mark Center in September. In April, the Department of Defense and the state transportation department allocated $100 million toward long-term road improvements to quell the expected congestion.

The proposal, passed last Thursday, is part of the National Defense Authorization Act. 

This parking cap is critical to prevent a traffic nightmare that will be caused by full occupation of the Mark Center the fall, Moran said in a statement. The alternative is unendurable delays on already overcrowded roads. 
Another amendment allows Defense Secretary Robert Gates to delay seven BRAC relocations, likely including those at Mark Center. 

A one year delay gets the ball rolling in the right direction and buys us more time to get this situation corrected, he said.