Transit talk


With the commercial add-on tax off the table for at least another year, city council approved a $145 million 10-year transportation plan that delays some transit projects for the foreseeable future.

The proposed Bradlee transit center and a street car maintenance facility are no longer in the financial roadmap, which is about $29.5 million less than the version based on the city enacting the add-on tax. That doesnt mean they wont get built, but they are now scheduled to receive dollars beyond the 10-year scope of the plan. 

Though Councilman Rob Krupicka isnt in favor of siphoning money away from the transit plan for neighborhood improvements, he did suggest finding dollars to begin extending sidewalks, addressing speed issues and pedestrian safety concerns. 

A city program to pay for those types of projects was cut during the recession.

Unfortunately there is no funding mechanism to address any work to … sidewalks, speeding issues and that basic level of neighborhood infrastructure, he said. I do want to suggest that we start looking for more ways to start building up those funds again.