Council declares waterfront advisory group make-up


How do you redesign a part of Alexandria belonging to every resident in the city?
Tuesdays city council meeting was the last of the 2010-2011 legislative session, yet the waterfront plan remains in limbo following months of disagreement and often inflammatory rhetoric. 
Council members formed a waterfront advisory group in hopes of cooling down the debate over the summer, but it took a public hearing and several hours of discussion to arrive at the groups make-up.
Councilman Rob Krupicka wanted a small voting group with a large audience to chime in during meetings that will likely last upwards of four hours each. 
Councilman Frank Fannon wanted each councilmember to choose two residents.

Councilwoman Alicia Hughes thought at least one waterfront property owner should get a vote. 
Vice Mayor Kerry Donley thought a planning commissioner should have a seat. 
Councilman Paul Smedberg believed at least one non-voting council member should preside over the group to keep the decorum.
You cant have everybody in the kitchen helping to make soup, said Mayor Bill Euille.
In the end, the council decided a smaller voting group was ideal, but meetings will have a portion dedicated for the public to voice opinions. A member of the Waterfront Commission and the Old Town Civic Association will each have a vote, as will five citizens at-large, yet to be named. One non-voting council member will preside over the group.