Whats the difference?


As the clock ticks down to the August primary, Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49), City Councilman Rob Krupicka and Arlington School Board member Libby Garvey have gone back and forth on their records just once.

The three Democratic candidates had a chance to offer differing views during a forum in Del Ray earlier this month and all three welcomed the opportunity to debate one another at length before the August 23 primary.

I think [debates are] part of the process, Krupicka said late last week. I think people need to see how we think on our feet and see our ability to communicate.

Ebbin and Garvey also expressed excitement at the prospect of a debate, but Krupicka doesnt believe policy questions will elicit much more than agreement among the three. The difference between them isnt so much where they stand on issues like the environment, education or equal rights, but rather in their priorities, he said. 

[Theres] not a place where there is a large philosophical difference, but there are very significant differences in what we aim to accomplish. Thats a place where there is going to be an opportunity to draw some contrast, Krupicka said.

Krupicka has campaigned aggressively on his background in education (hes a member of the Virginia Board of Education).

Garvey is pushing her foresight, which included planning a new Wakefield High School in Arlington. Officials broke ground on the site not long ago, a milestone Garvey is touting on the trail.
 Ebbin, already well known in Richmond, is running on his experience in the statehouse. 

Were all good Democrats and in many cases, I would say in nearly every case, we agree on the policy, he said. But I think that the fact that Ive been in Richmond and shown that I can pass bills or stand up on the floor, make a difference or change minds, is an [advantage].

Voters waiting for another chance to see the trio outline their differences at greater length will have to petition the local civic groups scheduling the forums. The format ultimately is up to them, Garvey said.

Any takers?