Your Views: A sign of the times


To the editor:

I read with interest your cover story in the June 2 edition entitled Sign Saturation. I could not help but shake my head in utter disgust. The irony and timing of your story, given what I had experienced over the past 48 hours with regard to the citys (highly selective) sign removal activities in Alexandria, is uncanny.

As an Alexandria resident who is deeply concerned about the citys waterfront plan, I took action this weekend and canvassed the streets of Old Town to distribute dont rezone the waterfront signs, and to educate neighbors regarding recent developments in the plan. In my opinion (and the opinion of many irate residents I spoke with this weekend), the citys plan favors the desire of developers and the Washington Post over the will of the people. A vote should be delayed until citizens and planners can evaluate reasonable alternatives.

I was shocked to wake up and learn that city employees had removed yard signs that I had placed around Old Town in front of consenting homeowners residences. Yes, this new city sign enforcement division must have been out early, as the signs on South Royal Street had been removed by 8:15 a.m. on Monday morning. A neighbor on the 100 block of Duke Street had seen a city employee remove one of her signs at 7 a.m. sharp. Wow, I didnt realize that removal of yard signs could be such a high priority for the city!

Hey, wait a minute … Why then arent they removing the sea of hideous and orange Rob Krupicka signs dotting median strips citywide like empty Pez dispensers? Oh, thats right, we disagree with the current regimes waterfront plan, which they are trying to jam down our throats. How silly of me to forget that.

In a conversation with a member of our broad citizen coalition opposing the waterfront plan, Planning Director Farol Hamor indicated that the city has the right to remove signs placed in the public right of way. Well then, OK Ms. Hamor, can we assume then that enforcement of this right will be applied uniformly and not as what appears to be an attempt by the city to silence opposition to your flawed waterfront plan?

In the words of the prolific comedian, Larry the Cable Guy: What the hell is this, Russia?