Your View: A statesman is a dead politician


To the editor:

Denise Dunbars May 19 opinion piece, Where have all the statesmen gone? was excellent.

She was right: Democrats could address the spending problem, but they wont. Moderate Democrats have been pushed aside and the spend-aholic wing now controls the party.

My most recently received request for money from the Democratic National Committee included a survey asking me to prioritize various issues. There was not a single mention of the deficit or the national debt. That survey is a perfect reflection of the partys perspective and priorities. Debt and reducing spending doesnt even make their radar.

Tim Kaine was in charge when this was sent out, and hes also part of the problem, but I was terribly disappointed with President Obamas budget and his failure to lead.

As for our city council, they clearly epitomize the spend-aholic form of government. Its pretty disappointing given the windfall in tax revenues theyve enjoyed during the last decades rise in property values. We now have many examples showing that this form of government runs into trouble sooner or later.

I believe it was one of the cartoonist Berkeley Breatheds characters who said, A statesman is a dead politician.

Please keep writing on this issue.