Your View: Abolish Alexandrias reputation as a sanctuary city


To the editor:

The recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling that Arizona has every right to punish businesses hiring illegal immigrants opens the door of justice to those legal persons adversely affected by the hiring: that portion of working-class citizenry now jobless in competition with illegal immigrants.

Where does this judicial milestone apply to the sanctuary city Alexandria? I submit that it sends a message to our city council that official coddling of illegal residents not only casts a shadow of shame upon municipal management but also paints the council as complicit in corporate flouting of federal immigration laws.

Accordingly, its time for the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (Alexandria division) to serve notice that the city must stop giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants, lest the city lose access to federal funding. Absent that legal action, the councils kowtowing to the open-borders mind-set will stand as a monument to hypocrisy at all levels of government.