Your Views: Free France excursion could spoil Englins objectivity


To the editor:
Del. David Englin (D-45) has accepted an all-expenses paid trip to France on Virginia Uraniums dime, according to the Port City Politics column in the June 23 Alexandria Times. I guess Mr. Englin and his wife, who will join him, have truly learned the perks of being an elected official.  
Virginia Uranium is attempting to persuade lawmakers they can safely mine a large deposit of material in Virginia, according to the article. Although Mr. Englin insists that his constituents know where he stands on environmental issues and said, Virginia Uranium knows I am virtually 100 percent likely to vote against them, this trip does not pass the smell test, and Mr. Englins comment that he is likely to vote against them should give his constituents pause as they think about his re-election.  
Although this kind of free junket is permissible under Virginia law, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Mr. Englin will do regarding this mining legislation. There is absolutely no way that he and the other Virginia lawmakers on this trip will remain objective about uranium drilling in Virginia whenever this issue comes in front of the legislature.
Enjoy Paris, Mr. and Mrs. Englin. At least taxpayers didnt have to foot the bill, but were no fools when politicians state, You cant be bought.