Your Views: Mammoth Harris Teeter project strolls down the wrong aisle


To the editor:

With all the hullabaloo about the waterfront plan, not much has been said about another overdeveloped project: the mammoth Harris Teeter project for the north end of Old Town.  

The grocery store will be within a block of both Trader Joes and Giant, with 175 apartments and inadequate underground parking for both retail and residents. This project will affect the entire city, as Washington Street is a major gateway and throughway for the city. Cars will clog the surrounding streets daily.

Many of the 329 residents of Alexandria House condominiums and I strongly object to the size of this project and the amount of traffic, noise and pollution it will generate to say nothing of the reduction in our quality of life and property values.

We urge our fellow Alexandrians to attend the June 25 city council meeting, where council members will vote on the plan and voice their objections to this project.