Your Views: New waterfront work group must be inclusive


To the editor:
After watching the Alexandria City Council meeting on Saturday, I am very disheartened with the path the governing body is taking to name members of a waterfront plan working group. 
I think Councilman Rob Krupicka hit the nail on the head when he voiced his concerns at the way that group was being formulated. In so many words he said that it was not a smart way to conduct business by naming people or organizations to this planning group who have already firmly staked out their position on the issue. 
But thats exactly what they have now indicated they will do. The bottom line is that the council is purposefully limiting the few citizen members it will appoint. The city is now pre-destined to get a plan similar to what planners have already submitted. Keep the number of appointees to seven or less, and ensure that none of them have any conflict of interests and are citizens of this great city. This is only way an untainted product that represents the unbiased views of the community can be achieved.