Your Views: Vola Lawson: Krupicka has integrity and intellect to represent city in Richmond


To the editor:
I have known City Councilman Rob Krupicka since before he first ran for the Alexandria City Council, and I have always been impressed. He is the kind of leader who sees a problem and works to solve it, who sees a need and works to fill it.   
One of the things I have always admired about him is his commitment to improving the lives of our families and children. By getting involved with his childrens PTA and his local civic association he has worked hard to increase parent and citizen participation in our public schools. Former Governor Tim Kaine (D) appointed him to the Virginia State Board of Education, where he has been an effective champion of expanded pre-kindergarten access for our children.
Rob has been a very successful councilman and has been reelected by wider margins each time his name has appeared on the ballot. He co-founded the Eco-City Alexandria green initiative to help our city become a healthier, greener place to live and work. His work has led to an increase in the number of people who recycle, who walk or bike to work and who patronize our farmers markets.   
Rob knows what makes our community unique and wonderful. He knows our neighborhoods, and he has worked with our citizen associations, our non-profits and our small businesses.  
Im supporting Rob to fill the Virginia State Senate seat being vacated by Patsy Ticer because I believe he has the integrity and intellect to be the hard-working, effective state senator we can be proud of.