Lego classrooms aid enrollment surge


Classrooms of the future arrived at Patrick Henry Elementary School in 27 pieces after years of planning June 30.
In 72 hours, Lego-like modular units were installed to form 10 full-size classrooms, said David Conratch, Alexandria City Public Schools director of facilities. After gathering input from school staff and administration, Conratch decided the pre-fabricated structures were the best option to deal with ballooning enrollment.
Once finishing touches are complete, the classrooms will feature the latest in digital media capabilities, dry-erase walls and dry-erase desks. The space between the old and new buildings will be transformed into a garden.
Compared to traditional on-site construction, modular classrooms save time and the hassle of subcontracting.
Theyre like transformers, he said. They can be reassembled in a number of different ways.
School officials from Arlington County visited the site, including John Chadwick, director of design and construction.
We all need to collaborate and learn from each other, Chadwick said. Theres no one solution for these types of issues, but were happy to see what Alexandria is doing. I thought it was a great way of doing things, very sustainable.