Your Views: Give buskers a break for the common benefit


To the editor:
Market Square on Saturday morning is a delight! A commercial enterprise with a human touch attracting happy, hungry, health-conscious people and their dogs with the promise of shopping and socializing with their neighbors. Music completes this energizing atmosphere and encourages us to linger and enjoy this precious place we call Old Town.
Street musicians with talented and emotionally charged performances have become a welcome presence and complete this perfect picture of ultimate harmony and unity.
This morning I was dismayed when while asking some Bolivian music makers about their recent absence, I found out that a police officer had threatened them about some unlawful activity. So, fearful and disappointed, they stayed away. While they timidly resumed their position on the sidewalk one last time, I walked home angry and disappointed.
Is this just another pedantic rule in town that should be reevaluated or was this one particular incident of an officer needing to demonstrate his authority?
Saturday morning is a carefree time and music enhances this feeling of total well-being. By giving them a break, well all get the benefit!