Your Views: Plan the waterfront dont politicize it


To the editor:
Jacqueline Condakes letter to the editor (Is Macdonald using the waterfront plan for political gains? June 30, 2011) is preposterous.
There is as yet no serious alternative to the citys preferred, commercially driven waterfront proposal. The park and museum alternatives are a strawman proposal designed to fail by implying that scary tax increases will be required to support them. It ignores the long-term economic benefits of a better plan that is true to Alexandrias heritage.
Citizens for an Alternative Waterfront Plan was set up to develop a better plan. The work of this organization is just beginning, thanks to the fact that the preferred plan was designed to assure a result skewed toward maximum development, without adequate public input, and motivated by envy of National Harbor.
I have no idea if Andrew Macdonald is running for mayor or president. If he is, what pray tell is so awful about that? Would Ms. Condakes have us believe that our citys current leadership the ones who have come up with a thoroughly unbalanced proposal are not politicians?