Joining forces to fight a vocal minority on the waterfront


In a groundswell of support, we are delighted to report that a new citizens group has recently formed: Waterfront for All. WFA supports the adoption of the waterfront plan as soon as possible. 

We believe the following:

1. The waterfront in Alexandria is for all Alexandrians and the voices of residents across the city need to be heard.

2. The citys waterfront plan elegantly balances the need for additional better-designed and -maintained open space with carefully considered economic redevelopment.

3. The city designed a solvent plan without an increase in taxes or the creation of business improvement or special tax districts. This is critical.

4. The proposed development sites have existing, by-right development opportunities that would not require zoning variances.  As a result, we believe it is critical these sites be developed in accordance with a comprehensive waterfront plan to allow for a long-term, positive outcome, rather than be driven by a developers desires.

5. A riverfront walk running along the Potomac from Marina Towers to Jones Point will enhance the accessibility and welcome Alexandrians from all over the city to enjoy their waterfront; the waterfront art and the history plans will build on Alexandrias reputation as not only one of the most historic cities in the country, but one of the most cultured and beautiful.

6. Alexandrians from all parts of the city do indeed support the waterfront plan, and that it is often easier to rally people in opposition of a proposal rather than in support of change.  

7. Our elected officials have the foresight and courage to stand up and address a vocal minority in order to continue to help Alexandria evolve as a community noted for its vitality, culture, beauty, accessibility and vibrancy.

A significant number of residents have been standing on the sidelines watching the Alexandria City Council struggle with this issue. We have joined forces to tell our elected officials we have elected them to make tough decisions to benefit our city. The waterfront plan has been in the works for many years with a tremendous amount of resident input over the past two years. This is a historic moment and opportunity that will not be presented again. 

Please support the plan and its positive direction of change for our waterfront. The decisions made now will become the legacy for future generations.

– Dennis Auld, Gina Baum, Murray Bonitt, William Cromley, Lauren Garcia, Charlotte Hall, Lynn Hampton, Jody Manor and Lonnie Rich