Our View: Candidates should offer explicit transportation plans


With less than three weeks to go before the Democratic primary for the 30th District seat including Alexandria, the three candidates should do more to distinguish themselves from one another when it comes to transportation.
Its time for an honest debate not just a forum for Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49), Arlington school board member Libby Garvey and Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka. Republican candidate Tim McGhee does not have the burden of competition.
Ebbin, Krupicka and Garvey are all progressive Democrats who want to counteract the policies of the Republican leadership they deem harmful to the region and the commonwealth. Each candidate would add a civically engaged, responsible voice in Richmond to represent the region, but how should voters distinguish one candidate from another when it comes to the most pressing issue for the region transportation?
Ebbin is a Richmond insider. As a delegate, his draw is experience, and its one of his main foci, too. Garvey touts her educational background and an ability to reach across the aisle and build coalitions. Krupicka touts his focus on education, like Garvey, and holds a position on the Virginia Board of Education, making him familiar with the dynamics of Richmond, like Ebbin.
But the most pressing issue facing the region and Alexandria is transportation, chiefly the detrimental impacts of the BRAC building at Mark Center, a Defense Department structure expected to clog Alexandrias arteries with 6,400 more vehicles daily. Candidates made attempts to break away from each other at the forum held Monday. Each offered their opinion on the matter, including how it could have been prevented. 
But no one has stepped forward with a concrete, specific strategic plan on how to secure support and funding from a state legislature with representatives focused on places so far away from Northern Virginia they butt up against Tennessee and Kentucky.
With the August 23 primary looming, the Times would like to see candidates debate the transportation issue specifically or offer their own step-by-step plan to decongest the region. 
Education, public safety, equality, Virginia veterans, the environment these issues are all dear to voters hearts, but improved transportation throughout the region will calm voters souls.