Your View: Adam Ebbins experience trumps the opposition for state Senate


To the editor:

Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49) is my choice to represent the 30th District in the state Senate. 

Mr. Ebbin has a long list of accomplishments and a proven ability to pass bills in the House of Delegates. He has been in Richmond for eight years and he is endorsed by more of members the House and Senate than any other candidate. He was also elected whip, the person who gathers the votes for his party, in the House of Delegates. He knows how Richmond works, how to get a bill through committee and he will be able to carry Senate bills over to his old colleagues on the House side and get them passed. He also knows that you have to work tirelessly year after year to get things accomplished, and he is willing to stay in Richmond to get the job done.
Mr. Ebbin has not only worked hard for eight years in Richmond, but he helps other Democratic candidates get elected. When he has not had an opponent he has worked hard to raise funds for other candidates, helping maintain the Democratic majority in the Senate. For Mr. Ebbin, it is not just about getting himself elected, but about working with others and on behalf of others. 

A co-founder of Virginia Partisans, Mr. Ebbin was the first openly gay member of the House of Delegates, and will be the first openly gay member of the Virginia Senate.

The state Senate will not be a stepping-stone to some higher office, but a place Mr. Ebbin will work diligently for the next four years to add to his list of accomplished service for Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax. When he is asked about a an issue from diversity to taking care of seniors he can point to a bill he has sponsored or co-sponsored. No other candidate can do that. 

Mr. Ebbin also knows about our local issues like BRAC, transportation solutions and where things stand on the waterfront. I have walked the Alexandria waterfront with him and know he will work in Richmond to get funding for a waterfront that works for residents and visitors. He will work with Arlington to get the regional transportation solutions we need. And he will work in Fairfax County to improve Route 1 to Ft. Belvoir. Mr. Ebbin has taken the time to listen, and offer constructive solutions.
These are the reasons I endorse Adam Ebbin and urge you to vote for him on August 23.