Your View: Garveys tactics offended gays


To the editor:    

In front of a mostly gay audience at the Alexandria Gay and Lesbian Community Association candidate forum on August 9, Libby Garvey delivered an attack on Rob Krupicka in which she declared that the third candidate in the race, Adam Ebbin, is gay and cant have kids in schools. Her point seemed to be that Krupickas frequent and proud references to being the parent of children in public schools was somehow a coded message of homophobia. 

As followers of this race know, both education and equality are among the central themes of Krupickas campaign.

Ms. Garveys attack misfires on three levels: 

(1.) Mr. Krupicka is an ardent support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality, including full marriage and adoption rights. As a politically astute lesbian, I wouldnt be supporting him if I didnt know that to be true. Accusing him of homophobia, coded or otherwise, is ridiculous.  

(2.) Suggesting that gay people cannot have kids in schools is ignorant, insulting to gays and unbecoming of a candidate whose primary public service has been on a school board.

(3.) Ms. Garveys use of Mr. Ebbins sexual orientation in an effort to score points for her campaign is downright shameful.  

The use of sexual orientation as a wedge issue is a divisive tactic that has no place in a Democratic primary, certainly not in progressive Northern Virginia. I question the political skills of a candidate who cannot make their case without insulting the very folks whose vote they are courting.