Your View: Vote Adam Ebbin it will be your biggest donation to Virginia


To the editor:

I hope you will join me in supporting Adam Ebbin in his candidacy for the Virginia State Senate. An eight-year member of the House of Delegates, Adam has the experience and knowledge we need working for Northern Virginia in the Senate.

I am supporting Mr. Ebbin because I know he is the candidate who will stand up for our local priorities and ensure that our state government provides for the needs of every Virginian.

Mr. Ebbin will work to ensure that veterans returning home from war have the support they need to find a place in our workforce, including a statewide database that will bridge the connection between veterans and local employers.

Adam will also continue to be a fierce advocate for our public schools so that every child in Virginia has a chance to achieve their full potential.

Whether you vote on Election Day, or cast your ballot early, please join me in voting for Adam Ebbin. The stakes in Richmond are too high to lose out on his experience, knowledge and dedication in the General Assembly.

I gave $50 last week and encourage you to give what you can. Your biggest donation will be on Election Day.