Your View: Vote Rob Krupicka, an Alexandrian who listens, then acts


To the editor:

Rob Krupicka is my choice to represent the 30th District in the state Senate.
Mr. Krupicka has been an excellent member of the Alexandria City Council and knows the issues that affect us at a local level. Like outgoing state Senator Patsy Ticer, his experience with the issues at a grassroots level makes him the best of three candidates, each of whom has distinguished themselves in their campaigns.
There are many other reasons why Mr. Krupicka will have my vote, ranging from his real life experience in the business world to the fact that he has served our community in many different ways, not least of which is his prior service on the Community Services Board.  
As the father of a person with a developmental disability, I am looking for someone who understands the issues and is willing to listen to the concerns of his constituents. Mr. Krupicka (and his fellow council member Paul Smedburg) stepped forward to sponsor Alexandrias declaration of April as Autism Awareness Month. Mr. Krupicka also has studied reports on how Virginia lags behind in its provision of services for our most vulnerable citizens.  

Most importantly, Mr. Krupicka listens and then acts.  

I can think of no better person to endorse in this race than Rob Krupicka, which is why I urge you to vote next Tuesday for the one person who understands Alexandria and the needs of its most vulnerable citizens.