Your Views: Deport illegal immigrants and their enablers too


To the editor:
Regarding the Raid rattles Chirilagua story in the July 28 edition, pro-family is a freighted term used in the recent past to describe an activist agenda around traditional, religious morality in practice, anti-abortion, anti-homosexual, etc. Recently the term is less common, since folks understand such an agenda encompasses amnesty for blended families consisting of documented, undocumented, and born-citizen (usually children) residents.  
In immigrant families where some members are documented and others arent, last weeks poll question gave readers two choices: deporting the undocumented members versus amnestying them to keep the family intact. 
Legal immigrants should understand that they are guests in our land, allowed to be here by our sufferance. If legal immigrants are harboring illegal immigrants, they are abusing our immigration laws and taking undue advantage of our generosity. Revoke their legal status and deport them, too!