Your Views: Undocumented means illegal


To the editor:
I found it interesting that Elena Flores, the woman interviewed for the July 28 story on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Arlandria-Chirilagua (Raid rattles Chirilagua), said that her son, who was arrested in the raid, had no criminal record. 
With all due respect for the poor woman, if her son entered this country illegally, then he has a criminal record. Entering a country illegally is a crime; it is really sad when a statement so obvious seems to be lost on people. If any of us native-born Americans had decided to dodge Canadian border patrol agents and attempt to receive the benefits of Canadian citizenship without so much as a temporary visa, odds are good we would be detained and kicked out of the country. There would be nothing wrong with that, for we would be lawbreakers who had violated the sovereignty of another country. 
And to those people who aid illegal immigration because they claim the system is broken: Did it ever occur to you that if you devoted your efforts to fixing the system rather than undermining it, maybe it would not be so broken?