Your View: Citys children deserve more than incendiary buzz words


To the editor:    

In the August 25 edition of the Alexandria Times, I was shocked to see the headline, Diversity quotas, affirmative action contribute to achievement gap in a letter to the editor written Michael Gryboski. 

Every week we see in this newspaper and other media outlets countless Alexandrian young men and women who come from challenging economic environments, who succeed beyond any of our expectations. These promising talents eventually become successful and productive citizens in our great city and often represent us beyond our citys borders. 

The Civil War is over and the civil rights legislation has been passed. Lets move forward with constructive suggestions on how to improve the quality of education in our schools, for all of our children. Lets not interject personal feelings and lets not re-litigate the past by surfacing theses silly and counterproductive buzz words diversity quotas and affirmative action as root causes for the under-performance in our schools.

The children in this city deserve more than this shameless bantering.