Your View: Dont like the traffic? Dont live here.


To the editor:

Denise Dunbar had it right when she said sorry to be a scrooge in giving her extremely myopic thumbs down on the King Street Arts Festival. 

Calling it a lengthy and annoying venture pretty much sums up a very negative bias. Arts festivals are events that vibrant communities strive to have, and we are fortunate to live in a community as vibrant as Old Town where talented artists from around the country want to come. The King Street Festival gives local people the opportunity to see and buy art that they would not otherwise get to see. 

Does it make it less convenient to get around? Yes. But based on that logic states, cities, local municipalities, colleges, pro sports teams, churches, etc. should never host any event that brings more than the normal everyday traffic.  

Ive lived in Old Town for 11 years and know on that weekend to either get my errands done early or know that I need to give myself an extra 5 to 10 minutes in getting around. If Mrs. Dunbar is complaining about an event such as this because of traffic, she has chosen the wrong place to live and I would be happy to personally provide her with some recommendations of where she could permanently relocate to avoid the dread next year.